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By Issa Asad - Owner of Q Link Wireless, Dania FL 33004

To some people, working from home might turn out best for them while to others it might just be the direct opposite. It is therefore essential to first give it a try before moving your entire office to your house. Note that working from home brings about two different environments- work life and home life- which must be balanced.

Like stated earlier, some people may not find it easy to cope with both environments while to others it might be so hard to focus on work while at home. In this regard, you will require taking into account the effects of working from home before getting fully committed. The following are important tips for working from home:


This is actually the first thing you must do. Be sure to set aside a space in your apartment where you will have all your working gear placed. Many activities usually take place at home, especially for people with families, and your working aids might be at risk. It is therefore important to have them at one safe place. Setting aside your working space will also help you create a balance between home and work environments.


When working from any place, you are bound to take several breaks at least to catch a breath away from your working station. Working from home is not different in any way. You must learn to take short breaks in between your working hours. These breaks will give you time to take your meals, relax and also have a change of environment for a short while.


Though to some point it might prove daunting to separate your work life from home life, getting organized can put everything at ease. One of the secret toward working comfortably from home is by keeping your work desk organized. Have everything in a defined place in order to reduce the burden of tracing things while working. You can as well have an up-to-date calendar to enable you keep track of any upcoming events. One more thing important to have is a to-do list: it outlines the tasks ahead and when to accomplish them.


One thing you will realize when working from home is that you can easily overwork yourself. This is not healthy. In this regard, it is important to schedule some time for work and the remaining time for resting or other personal activities. That way, you will work in the most comfortable way for your well being.

Main Reasons to Donate to Charities

When you are giving to charity you feel rich.Giving others means you have the heart of love.It means even if you have less money and other things,you can share what you have with others.in many statistics it shows that many poor people donate more money than rich people.Many poor people know reasons to donate to charities as compared to the rich people.

Giving money to charitable organizations makes you feel part of a big team. If many people each donates a little money, at the end this money will be a lot of money. If you can donate little but at the end you save a life you have done such a good work.

Many people believe that through giving they became a part of the solution of the problems in the society today. Many people believe that through this giving many more hospitals, schools, children's homes are built and they will be remembered for what they have done in the society even years late.People are encouraged to give because through this they become part of the cause of what is happening today.It is therefore important to give so that you can be part of the change in the society.

Through giving to the needy in the society you set an example to other people to give.Through encouraging others to give and setting an example to them you make many homeless people have a home to stay and food to eat. Through setting an example to others especially the young, makes them to continue with this, from one generation to another.

You feel grateful when you donate to the poor. You seem glad for what you have in your life. You thank God for all what you have. If you have enough money,clean water,safe home and everything to use at your home.So through giving to the needy you seem to be grateful to both to the society and your maker for giving you all what you have in your family.

If you give a donation to the needy especially in the united states, this money is not taxed or sometimes this money is taken as a deduction on the tax return you are expected to pay to the government. Keeping all the records of the money you donate enables you to know the amount you are expected to pay as tax.

Many people were taught in school and other places especially in the churches that if you give to the society you end up getting more. Many people believe that the reason they have what they have today is due to the reason that they gave to the needy in the society.

Important Marketing Strategies

Marketing is a sure way of sales maximization that translates into optimal profit level achievement which is always an every business core objective. The most important marketing strategies you need to be using should contain the following characteristics:

  • They should help the business to penetrate the market and make your products available to everyone who might need to use them.
  • Technology is unfolding its new with each and every day thus realignment is needed in order to remain updated.
  • The strategies adopted should have worked for others but where a strategy is new in the market, it should be thoroughly tested before the final execution.

Some of the marketing strategies that may be used includes:

Advertising on Social Media

This is one of the latest platforms which technology have given rise to and due to the large numbers of people that every networking site has registered, a potential market has been created. Placing an advertisement by posting information on these sites ensures that an extensive creation of awareness is carried out and substantial traffic is driven into a business website if a link is attached.

Agency Distribution

In order to be effective in distribution of products and services, engagement of agents has proved to be one of the most successful options to adopt. Some of the benefits that are realized from choosing this strategy are:

  • It helps the business to cut on operation costs since the running expenses are met by the agent who are paid on commission and also there is no need of setting up a distribution facility in the areas where the agents operate.
  • This ensures that grass-root market levels are penetrated.

Mergers and Take-Over Bids

This may apply in a market where different suppliers are dealing with the same line of products where the difference comes in the packaging, design, flavors or any other related features. Mergers and take-over bids reduce the competition in the market and increase the product range of a business.


Building of goodwill in a brand is a process that takes time. The rights may be leased or sold to others who might be willing to take advantage of the confidence that has been built in the market. This in return expands the business by having many facilities being opened and operating under the brand name but the production rights are normally retained by the initial owner.

In addition, it is important to maintain high quality of the products and services since this helps to keep the customers coming back for more.